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Pelion Greece is a mountainous peninsula sitting in Thessaly, in the central part of the country.It is part of the Magnesia regional unit whose capital city is Volos.On the eastern side of the Pelion peninsula, there are some exotic beaches with mesmerizing cobalt waters.Pelion is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece and is a popular tourist attraction throughout the year. The combination of mountain and sea and the incredible natural beauty of the place makes it an ideal destination for all tastes

Vyzitsa, where the property is located, is one of the many villages that spread across the Pelion peninsula. It is located at an altitude of about 500 m, on the enchanting mountain of Centaurs, between the villages of Milies and Pinakates.The property is a traditional building which is literally embraced by nature. It can be used either as a private residence or as a tourist accommodation, turning it into a hostel. It is worth noting that the building has permission to add one more floor

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