We are here to effectively guide investors obtain a Golden visa through a real estate  that will grant them a permanent European residence permit.

The process of obtaining a Golden Visa in Greece

Preparation and selection of investment

After our initial communication in which we talk about the requirements of each client and propose investment opportunities, the main Golden Visa applicant prepares for their first trip to Athens. We guide on the necessary documents for a permanent residence permit application and are there for support and help to confirm their suitability as well as issue an invitation letter to help the investor with their entry visa.


A. The investor, together with our team of investment consultants, views the selected properties and after considering all the investment parameters comes up with a final list of options for property acquisition. In order to complete the property acquisition, the investor signs a PoA and authorizes our legal team to handle the transaction.

B. In the next step, the investor transfers the necessary amount of money to their Greek bank account that we have already opened for them. At the same time, our team takes over, in order to make all the necessary arrangements for the property acquisition and the permanent residency application. We perform all the legal steps needed until the property is transferred under the investor’s name. The Golden Visa application for the investor is submitted and a temporary residence permit is issued which can be used to travel to Greece even before the permanent residence permit is issued.


In the final step, using the temporary residence permit, the investor and their family visit Greece to submit biometrical data in a confirmed appointment with the competent authorities. This final visit only lasts a couple of days- while the Golden Visa is expected to be issued in 20 days time. After obtaining the permanent residency card, the investor will decide whether to rent or to keep the property for personal use and is welcome to utilize our after sales services.

How long does it take to get a Golden Visa in Greece?

The time needed to issue a Golden Visa in Greece is around two months and with the support of an experienced investment consultancy it can be very efficient  and hassle-free. In the main stages of the procedure described above, not only do we advise, consult, guide and help our clients, but we also manage all formalities and paperwork to minimize the work on the investor’s side.

How to speed up your Golden Visa application

Typically, an investor visa takes around two months to be issued. There are a few factors that may speed up this timeframe.

For instance, booking a trip to Athens to view properties to buy right after the initial consultation will speed up your Golden Visa application. In the same way, the availability of funds to be transferred for the property acquisition to your Greek bank account also influence the duration of the entire process. From our part, the timeline is solid and we do our best to make everything as easy and as fast as possible.