Golden Visa programme offers a wide range of benefits to the investors and their families. Some of these benefits are discussed below

An Investment Opportunity

The Golden Visa Programme is primarily an investment opportunity. The favourable terms of the programme in combination with the fast-growing Greek economy indexes, provide a promising context for a quick and reliable return on investment as well as lucrative options to re-sell at a higher price in the future. This is due to the Greek Economy currently bouncing back from a 10-year recession.

Opportunity to travel Visa-free in Europe

Golden Visa holders are granted unlimited, unrestricted travel throughout Schengen’s zone countries without restrictions and prohibitions.

Another homecountry

With the Golden Visa programme investors and their family have the option to live permanently in Greece and travel in Europe without a visa

Competitive Advantages of the Greek Golden Visa Programme

Greece benefits from having the lowest required amount in Europe and offers alternatives in lifestyle and investment opportunities

Family members included

Not only the investors but also their families, including main investor’s spouse,children under 21 years old,parents and in-laws, are entitled to benefit from the same investment

No requirement to live in Greece

Unlike most other countries, after issuing a Golden Visa you have no obligation to visit or stay in Greece as it is entirely optional

Quick process to get a European residence permit

Issuing a Golden Visa in Greece can be proved as a relatively quick process if you have a reliable investment advisor. Although it is bureaucratic, we can efficiently guide you so as to issue a Golden Visa as quickly as possible

Unlimited renewal of travel visa

As long as the investor keeps the investment, the Golden Visa in Greece can be renewed indefinetely

Citizenship option

Get a citizenship after 7 years and under specific conditions. Dual citizenship is permitted.

No nationality restrictions

All countries and nationalities are eligible to obtain the Golden Visa, with the exact same terms

Education for Children of International investors

At the time permanent residency is established for the investors and their families, children gain immediate access to European education.